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“I hated my job. I hated my life. I was broke. I had zero freedom. And I couldn’t help my family…”

I went down the typical path of going to school. Getting a “safe” 9-5 job that I hated. My salary barely covered my expenses. I couldn’t afford to take a holiday. And I couldn’t support my family. Life was honestly depressing.

“I spent $7,329 on courses. Tried EVERY online business. And I still failed. I was giving up hope… ”

I was so desperate to make money online I tried everything. Affiliate marketing, amazon, audiobooks, ebay, crypto, dropshipping. I even tried filling out 50 online surveys a day! And nothing worked. I was still broke.

“Until I met my mentor Lucas. He wasn’t flashy. Just a regular guy who took his girlfriend on holidays…”

One day I ran into Lucas by accident. He was different to any of those BS online gurus. He wasn’t flashy. No lambos. Instead he loves taking his girlfriend around the world on amazing 5-star holidays, and supporting his family.

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At first I was skeptical because I felt like I tried everything. And like it was almost impossible to make money online. But this new zero competition strategy worked for me within 7-days of applying it. And it kept working…

“I went from broke. To quitting my 9-5 job. Traveling the world. And retiring my parents in less than 1-year…”

It still doesn’t feel real because I believed I would never make it. I’m just a regular dude who likes tacos and Netflix. But thanks to having a mentor, I achieved success. And most importantly, never have to watch my family struggle financially ever again. It can happen.

“Now Lucas and I’ve shared this passive income strategy with over 678 students just like us...”

Everyday I launch out of bed excited. Because we help people support their families. Travel the world. And live amazing lifestyles. So it’s a blessing that everyday we get to help those in the same position Lucas and I used to be in.


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“Do Not Miss Out On Early Access To This New Untapped 3-Step Passive Income System”

Lachie Pior is an average 24-year-old Aussie who enjoys spending time with his family, eating tacos and watching Netflix. 

He now travels the world helping over 678 people quit their 9-5 job thanks to a new AI-powered referral fee system.


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